November is FREE Ad Month

Have a first responder related business?

Cop or firefighter with a side hustle?

Promoting a book or podcast?

Want to raise awareness of your charity or organization?

Need to drive people to your Facebook page or group?

Come up with a one minute “commercial” then email for details about free air time with One More Run Radio – the Thin Line Rock Station with an audience of law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and their supporters.


How do I make an ad?

WRITE IT DOWN and practice saying it at least 20 times. Say it out loud. Say it to the cat, just practice. We want you to sound good and people to respond to what you have to say. Even the best actors have a script and rehearse. When you are ready to go, send an email to to schedule a recording time. Call in from a decent phone. DO NOT use speaker phone, we want you to sound good on the air.  We will get your name and basic info (we’ll help promote on social media as well) and count you down to record.  If you are a little over or under a minute, don’t worry, it’s okay.  If you are saying a lot of ahh’s, umm’s, we will coach you a bit.  We will let you know when it will first air and then it will be randomly repeated for at least the month of November.


One request from us, if you are selling a product, send us a sample that we can use as a give-away prize to a listener.  If it’s a food or beverage product, send two because we are definitely going to eat one.