As retired badges, we were sitting around trying to think of a way to show some support for our first responders. After a long discussion someone said "hey, lets start a radio station". It took some research but we soon discovered it was definitely possible. Music was downloaded, jokes where written and breaks made just to get the station off the ground. Once all of the puzzle pieces fell into place, we hit the "on air" button and off we went. 

Here is a note from the Captain's desk:
As first responders we have seen some crazy and tragic things. Our sense of humor is different and sometimes dark. This station has awesome music and entertainment that most others can't relate to, so make sure you have your big boy panties on when listening!



P.O. Box 1182
Athens, OH 45701

(347) 387-5881

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Because we do not want to lose another first responder to suicide.

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